"Even the creators of this creature are too afraid to approach it. Stay out of its way, for your own good."
Battle Memory

The Cattlesnake is an enemy in Mother 3 that appears to be a chimera. As its name implies, it is a chimera consisting of parts from both a cow and snake. Out-of-battle, the Cattlesnake moves slowly and does not actively target Lucas and friends. The Cattlesnake's attacks consists of it charging with its horns, swinging its tail hard, thrashing aggressively, or wasting a turn by staring at Lucas and co. They are weakest against PK Freeze.

Other than its PP and Speed, the Cattlesnake has the highest stats of all the nearby enemies in the first place it can be encountered, near the railway terminal south of the Clayman Factory. The most notable of these stats are its Offense, Defense, and HP, whereas the nearby enemies with the closest stats are the Reconstructed Mole's Offense stat of 64 and the Muttshroom's Defense stat of 25 and HP of 248.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 53 which falls under Code Numbers 918 for regular attack, 919 for Smaaaash! and 920 for Miss.


Cattlesnake is not only a portmanteau of Cattle and Snake, referring to its animal parts, but also a pun of Rattlesnake, a species of snake.

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