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This category is a list of the songs in EarthBound. Since its soundtrack never got an official release, all names are not official and may have variations. The list below follows the names and order used on

List of Songs[]

# Length Name Plays Audio
001 0:03 Burp
002 The Evil Gyigas Attacks! (Part 1) Game intro
003 The Evil Gyigas Attacks! (Part 2) Game intro
004 Title Screen
005 Opening Credits
006 Choose a File While choosing a file
007 Your Name, Please While naming the main characters
008 Now, Let's Go! After choosing the names
009 One Fateful Night... Onett (first scene)
010 Unindentified Falling Object
011 Rude Awakening
012 Alien Invasion
013 Someone's Knocking at the Door
014 Pokey's at the Door
015 Whoa!
016 Pokey Most interactions with Pokey
017 A Good Buddy
018 Buzz Buzz's Prophecy While Buzz Buzz talks about the prophecy
019 Otherwordly Foe Battle against the Starman Junior
020 Pokey's House Inside Pokey's house
021 Sunrise & Onett Theme Onett
022 What a Great Picture! Whenever the Camera Man takes a photo
023 Home Sweet Home Ness's House
024 A Good Night's Rest
025 Friendly Neighbors Defeault theme for houses in general
026 Buy Somethin' Will Ya! Shops in general (Burger Shops, Drugstores, General Stores, etc.)
027 Enjoy Your Stay Hotels
028 Bed and Breakfast Waking up after sleeping in a Hotel or other places
029 Hospital Hospitals
030 Oncoming Foe Whenever a normal battle start
031 Ambush! Whenever an enemy sneaks from behind
032 Battle Against a Weak Opponent Battle against Runaway Dog, Spiteful Crow, Rowdy Mouse, Cop,Annoying Old Party Man, Mole Playing Rough, Worthless Protoplasm, Mad Duck, Farm Zombie, Criminal Caterpillar, Master Criminal Worm.
033 Battle Against a Weird Opponent Battle against Coil Snake, Pogo Punk, Attack Slug, Black Antoid, Cranky Lady, Unassuming Local Guy, Mobile Sprout, Li'l UFO, Territorial Oak, Mr. Batty, Mighty Bear, Trick or Trick Kid, Urban Zombie, Zombie Dog, Gruff Goat, Red Antoid, Plain Crocodile, Ranboob, Tough Mobile Sprout, Cute Li'l UFO, Desert Wolf, Extra Cranky Lady, Thirsty Coil Snake, Enraged Fire Plug, Sentry Robot, Elder Batty, Strong Crocodile, Kiss of Death, Guardian Hieroglyph, Pitbull Slug, Loaded Dice, Care Free Bomb, French Kiss of Death, Evil Eye.
034 Battle Against a Mobile Opponent Battle against Skate Punk, Yes Man Jr., Ramblin' Evil Mushroom, Everdred, No Good Fly, Putrid Moldyman, Smelly Ghost, Armored Frog, Violent Roach, Foppy, Struttin' Evil Mushroom, The Crested Booka, The Crazed Sign, Mad Taxi, The Noose Man, Musica, Mystical Record, Scalding Coffee Cup, Abstract Art, Dali's Clock, Robo-Pump, Filthy Attack Roach, Tangoo, Great Crested Booka, Lethal Asp Hieroglyph, Fobby, Mr. Molecule.
035 You Win! Winning a battle
036 That Was Easy! Winning a battle instantly
037 You Gained a Level! Upon leveling up
038 Onett's Arcade Onett Arcade
039 Franky Battle Against Frank Fly and New Age Retro Hippie
040 Battle Against an Unsettling Opponent Battle against Frankystein Mark II, Captain Strong, Boogey Tent, Department Store Spook, Insane Cultist, Zombie Possessor, Skelpion, Bad Buffalo, Annoying Reveler, Gigantic Ant, Arachnid!, Deadly Mouse, Chomposaur, Psychic Psycho, Ego Orb, Tough Guy
041 Dangerous Caves Inside caves
042 Sanctuary Guardian's Challenge During the speech of a Sanctuary Guardians
043 Oncoming Boss In the start of a boss fight
044 Sanctuary Guardian During a fight against a Sanctuary Guardian (except Thunder and Storm)
045 A Bad Dream Upon getting a Game Over
046 You Defeated the Boss! After defeating a boss
047 Welcome to Your Sanctuary Upon reaching a "Your Sanctuary" location
048 Your Sanctuary ~ Gigant Step Giant Step
049 Your Sanctuary ~ Lilliput Steps Lilliput Steps
050 Your Sanctuary ~ Milky Well Milky Well
051 Your Sanctuary ~ Rainy Circle Rainy Circle
052 Your Sanctuary ~ Magnet Hill Magnet Hill
053 Your Sanctuary ~ Pink Cloud Pink Cloud
054 Your Sanctuary ~ Lumine Hall Lumine Hall
055 Your Sanctuary ~ Fire Spring Fire Spring
056 A Flash of Memory Whenever Ness remembers a memory in a "Your Sanctuary" location
057 Boy Meets Girl (Twoson) Twoson
058 Apple Kid's Theme Apple Kid's house
059 Ness' Bike Whenever Ness rides a bike
060 Paula's Theme
061 Peaceful Rest Valley Peaceful Rest Valley
062 Happy-Happy is Blue Happy Happy Village
063 You've Got a New Friend! A new party member joins
064 Dead-End Chaos Theatre Chaos Theater
065 Runaway Five ~ The Daily Show Runaway Five's first show
066 Runaway Five's Final Performance Runaway Five's last show
067 Runaway Five Left the Building!
068 Runaway Five On the Move!
069 Threed, Zombie Central Threed
070 Heartless Hotel
071 Bad Morning to You
072 Whoops!
073 In Winters, There is a Genius Winters introduction scene
074 Snowman (Snow Wood Boarding House)
075 Winters White
076 Winters' Wake Up Call
077 Tessie Has Been Sighted! Upon seeing Tessie for the first time
078 Tessie! While riding Tessie
079 Caverns of Winters Winters' caves
080 Dr. Andonuts' Lab Dr. Andonuts' Lab
081 The Sky Runner During the Sky Runner scenes
082 Going Down!
083 Rough Landing
084 Escargo Express at Your Service! Whenever the Escargo Express appears
085 Zombie Paper
086 Saturn Valley Caverns
087 Hi Hi Hi Saturn Valley
088 Belch's Factory Belch's Factory
089 Battle Against Belch Master Belch's battle
090 You've Come Far, Ness
091 Threed, Free at Last After freeing Threed from the zombies
092 Get on the Bus While riding the bus to Fourside
093 Super Dry Dance Dusty Dunes Desert
094 The Metropolis of Fourside Fourside
095 Topolla Theatre, Home to the One & Only Venus Topolla Theater
096 Venus Live Venus Performance
097 Save the Miners! Desert Gold Mine
098 Boris' Cocktail Jackie's Café
099 Moonside Swing Moonside
100 The Monkeys' Maze Monkey Cave
101 Runaway Five to the Rescue!
102 Summers, Eternal Tourist Trap Summers
103 In Dalaam, There is a Warrior Dalaam's introduction scene
104 The Floating Kingdom of Dallam Dalaam
105 Mu Training
106 Pink Cloud Shrine Pink Cloud
107 Sailing to Scaraba
108 The Voyage Continues
109 Kraken of the Sea Battle against The Kraken, Smilin' Sphere, Thunder and Storm, The Atomic Power Robot, The Uncontrollable Sphere, Electro Specter, The Wetnosaur, The Evil Elemental, The Bionic Kraken, Nuclear Reactor Robot.
110 Bazaar
111 Morning in the Desert
112 The Unforgiving Desert
113 Pyramid
114 Inside the Dungeon
115 Megaton Walk While Brick Road is in the party
116 The Submarine
117 The Deep Darkness Deep Darkness
118 The Tendas' Cave Tenda Village
119 Battle Against a Machine Battle against Spinning Robo, Thunder Mite, Conducting Menace, High-class UFO, Beautiful UFO, Marauder Octobot, Wooly Shambler, Lesser Mook, Whirling Robo, Mook Senior, Starman, Starman Super, Military Octobot, Starman Deluxe, Conducting Spirit, Hyper Spinning Robo, Electro Swoosh, Ghost of Starman, Mechanical Octobot, Ultimate Octobot, Wild 'N Wooly Shambler, Final Starman.
120 The Lost Underworld Lost Underworld
121 Lava Springs
122 Sound Stone ~ Gigant Step
123 Sound Stone ~ Lilliput Steps
124 Sound Stone ~ Milky Well
125 Sound Stone ~ Rainy Circle
126 Sound Stone ~ Magnet Hill
127 Sound Stone ~ Pink Cloud
128 Sound Stone ~ Lumine Hall
129 Sound Stone ~ Fire Spring
130 Sound Stone ~ No Sounds The song that plays when the Sound Stone is empty
131 Eight Melodies
132 Entering Magicant...
133 Welcome Home Magicant
134 The Jolly Flying Man Inside the Flying Man's house
135 Deeper into Ness' Subconscious
136 Sea of Eden Sea of Eden
137 The Power
138 Ness Awakens from the Nightmare
139 The Cliff that Time Forgot The Cliff that Time Forgot
140 The Place The Cave of the Past
141 Giygas' Lair Devil's Machine
142 Pokey Means Business! Boss fight against Pokey Minch
143 Giygas's Intro
144 Giygas Stirs
145 Giygas Intimidation
146 Prayer for Safety
147 Giygas is Wounded!
148 Giygas is Fatally Wounded!
149 Giygas Disintegrates
150 The Heroes Return
151 Because I Love You
152 Good Friends/Bad Friends
153 Smiles and Tears
154 Your Name Please, (Noiseless) Alternate version of the naming screen song
155 The Power (Alternate)
156 Hidden Track Unused; hidden in the game's code
157 Onnet's Trumpet Player
158 Key Item Fanfare Whenever a Key Item is found
159 Spooky...
160 Spell Learned Upon learing a new PSI spell
161 Evil Mani Mani Statue
162 Buzz-Buzz's Demise
163 Mechanical Tinkering
164 Phone
165 Spacetoneer
166 Phase Distorter Failed
167 Teleportation
168 Teleportation End
169 The Stonehenge Base Shuts Down While leaving the Stonehenge Base after defeating the Starman Deluxe
170 OK'Suka? After confirming a character's name

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