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"Much tougher than it looks, the CFB tosses bombs and Super Bombs at you every turn. It also takes a lot of hits and has no weakness to exploit."
EarthBound Player's Guide

Care Free Bombs are enemies in EarthBound, only appearing in Magicant. Their bodies chiefly consists of simple geometric shapes connected together.


A Care Free Bomb can be called into battle by the Loaded Dice.

Groups with[]


  • Threw the Bomb - The Care Free Bomb throws a Bomb at a party member.
  • Threw the Super Bomb - The Care Free Bomb throws a Super Bomb at a party member.


  • The Carefree Bomb's name and purpose is similar to the Mother 3 enemy Cuddle Bomb. Although they drastically differ in appearance, they both have bomb at the end of their names and are both formed from geometric shapes.