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"Carbon Dog burns to roast you, but you can turn the rotisserie on it by using Freeze or strong weapon attacks like Jeff's Bottle Rockets."
EarthBound Player's Guide

The Carbon Dog is the first form of the eighth and final Sanctuary Guardian of EarthBound. It is weak to PSI Freeze and PSI Flash. After 1672 or more damage has been dealt to Carbon Dog, it emits a rainbow of colors and transforms into Diamond Dog.


Text Displayed Power PP Possible Effects
Used a biting attack Low N/A Damages one target
Charged forward High N/A Damages one target
Spewed out a flaming fireball High N/A Damages one target (Fire)
Shot out a spray of fire 240-400 Damage (Entire party) N/A PSI Fire Ω


  • When it transforms into Diamond Dog, its reflective physical shield goes up. If the hit that tipped it over was physical, it will take the full damage and reflect it back. If Jeff's HP is low, consider guarding or using weaker attacks instead of Bottle Rockets.


  • The transformation from Carbon Dog to Diamond Dog refers to the process of carbon becoming diamond through exposure to extreme heat and pressure.
  • Carbon Dog is the only Sanctuary Guardian with two forms.
  • Unlike Diamond Dog, this form has no PP.