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"At times like this, kids like you should be playing Nintendo games."
— Captain Strong

Captain Strong (ストロング署長) is a character and boss in EarthBound. He is the stern and powerful Commander of the Onett Police Force, and can be very tough, but fair at times. Ness first meets him after defeating the Titanic Ant of Onett's Giant Step. The Over Zealous Cop, an enemy encountered later in the game, is a palette swap of Captain Strong.

Main History[]

As a result of Ness disobeying a no-trespassing policy of the town's travel shack, Strong orders five of his best officers to attack Ness, both to punish him and ostensibly to test Ness's skills to see whether he should open up the road to Twoson. Strong, standing in for the fifth officer who had fled, is then defeated by Ness. Following this, Strong opens the road to Twoson.


During the battle, he can use grapple, come out swinging, and execute submission holds, which can deal moderate to very high damage as well. Strong can defend, cutting Ness' attacks to 50%. Strong has a relatively high HP, Defense and offense; although he is weaker than the Titanic Ant, he must be fought after four other enemies with no breaks. It is very advisable to use PSI Rockin' and Shield.

His in-battle theme is Battle Against an Unsettling Opponent.


  • Came out swinging - Captain Strong attacks a party member, dealing moderate-to-high damage.
  • Lost his temper - Captain Strong's increases his offense by 1.


Captain StrongArtwrk

Artwork from Mother 2 Himitsu no Takarabako.

  • An unused enemy appears in the game's code, labeled "Crooked Cop". This enemy is identical to Captain Strong in every way but name, suggesting that either Captain Strong originally went under a different name in-battle (or went nameless, sans his battle label), or that Captain Strong wasn't intended to be a boss, but rather a standard enemy.
  • Strong is the only boss in the entire game that drops an item, where he can drop a Boiled Egg 1 in 32 times.
  • Captain Strong's "Super Ultra Mambo-Tango-Foxtrot martial arts" were known as "Super Ultra Sambo Mambo martial arts" in Mother 2. Note that Sambo is a type of real-life Russian martial art, originating in the Soviet Union.
  • If you look closely, Captain Strong (along with another individual, most likely a forensics scientist) can actually be seen investigating the meteor in the beginning of the game. He is seen at the top of the hill while the cops have their roadblocks out, making it impossible to go talk to him while playing the game normally.
  • It is mentioned in some of the headlines in the Onett Times that the 'police chief' (presumably Strong) is playing EarthBound; in another headline, the 'police chief' had finished EarthBound, and demanded a sequel.