"Its' eyes show sadness."
— Description for the Canary Chick.

The CanaryChick (or Canary Chick) is a key item and character in EarthBound Beginnings and its remake. This young infant canary, with its' forlorn look (according to the chick's description), plays a special role as it is a key to the second of the Eight Melodies as the infant's mother, who resides in Canary Village, knows the tune. The chick can be bought for $85 or be given to you for free upon refusing to pay the $85, but can be sold for $42. The infant's gender seems to be uncertain.


Through some unknown reason that took place either before or during the game, Laura had been separated from her child, therefore rendering her sad and unable to sing and making the other canaries fall silent. When Ninten arrives in the Canary Village without the chick on hand, he realizes the fact no canary will talk and when he learns this from a man within the village, he goes off to find the Chick at the store in Podunk. During that time, if Ninten does not have $85 on hand or if he does but wouldn't prefer to spend money, then Ninten can refuse the offer and the clerk will simply give the chick away for free. Ninten can sell the chick away for 1/2 ($42) of the $85 he bought it for also.

Now with the chick in hand, Ninten may trek onwards to Canary Village and return the chick to Laura, whose sorrow and muteness will dissipate and she will sing the second of the Eight Melodies to Ninten out of gratitude. Also, the other canaries will talk to Ninten.


  • As mentioned above, it is unknown how the chick and Laura were separated. Because it is an infant, it may not be capable of walking, so wandering off does not appear to be the answer, though it could happen.
  • The successor to the Canary Chick, being both alive and a key item, is said to be the Rope Snake from Mother 3. They are both living things and items that are a necessity in order to progress through the game.
  • However there are some differences. The Canary Chick is able to be sold away and does not talk whereas the Rope Snake is able to talk but cannot be sold away.
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