"The Cactus Wolf has a Wolf Cactus attached firmly to its forehead. The two get along quite well."
Battle Memory
"Listen, monkey! That's a Cactus Wolf, the meanest thing in the desert. But we can't get inside with him standing there. Go beat him up. Lose, and I'll have an extra serving of punishment ready just for you!"

The Cactus Wolf is a boss in Mother 3. It can be found in the Death Desert in Chapter 3 by Salsa and Fassad, where it is blocking the entrance to the Candrum Underpass. Fassad describes it as "the meanest thing in the desert." According to the Battle Memory, Dung Beetles are particularly fond of its Dung. He also has an unused back sprite for unknown reasons.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 26 which falls under Code Numbers 514 for regular attack, 515 for Smaaaash! and 516 for Miss. It is the only enemy in Death Desert that does not use its battle sound exclusively as it shares the same battle sound with Crag Lizard and Gently Weeping Guitar.

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