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"A bee I am not... I'm from 10 years in the future. And, in the future, all is devastation..."
— Buzz Buzz
Buzz Buzz's Tombstone

Buzz Buzz's tombstone.

Buzz Buzz (ブンブーン Bunbūn) is a character in EarthBound. He is a rhinoceros beetle-like insect from ten years in the future, who arrives in Ness's time by the meteorite that crashed in northern Onett. He informs Ness of Giygas's plan, and sends him off on his adventure.

Buzz Buzz fights alongside Ness and Picky, who are accompanied by Pokey, on the journey back to their houses, and defeating Starman Junior who was sent after him to prevent him from changing the past. During this battle, Buzz Buzz casts PSI Shield Σ on the party, rendering them all immune to the Starman Junior's PSI attacks, and will also occasionally attack the Starman Junior with physical attacks as well.

He suffers a somewhat sudden end when Lardna Minch, the mother of Pokey and Picky Minch, swats him, mistaking Buzz Buzz for a dung beetle. The injuries that Buzz Buzz sustained from Lardna's slap were fatal. Before Buzz Buzz dies, he gives Ness the Sound stone and tells him to seek the eight "Your Sanctuary" locations.

His grave manifests itself in Ness's Magicant, where it is located next to the house of the Flying Man. The gravestone reads, "This is Buzz Buzz's tombstone. He appeared earlier in the game and gave up the ghost before he achieved his goal."


  • In Mother 3, one of the robots in Lardna Minch's image in New Pork City's Beauty & Tasty restaurant will say "Aaaaayyyeee, I think it's a dung beetle!" which is the line she says when she meets Buzz Buzz.
  • In the Japanese version of EarthBound, Mother 2, Lardna mistakes Buzz Buzz for a "pesky toilet fly" and tells him to die and "Go to hell!"; this was changed to "I'll smack your guts out!" This change was likely made to avoid explicit language, and was one of several religious elements of the game changed in translation.
  • The only official design for Buzz Buzz other than his in-game sprites and guide illustrations is his appearance on a MOTHER 2 "choose your own adventure" book cover, which is displayed above.
  • Its implied by Starman Junior that Buzz Buzz’s Bug-like form isn’t his original form.