Butch is a character in Mother 3. He was the first character in Tazmily Village to discover money.


Butch lives south of Wess and Scamp in Tazmily Village, and owns a pig farm. The party first meets him in Chapter 1, trying to get past Ed to see the fire. Later, Fassad talks to him at his farm to praise and buy his pigs with 50,000 DP. In Chapter 2, Duster finds out that he sold his pigs to Fassad. He hides the money down a well, but Fassad steals it back. Later, he accuses Duster of stealing his money, as he was the only one he told about the money.

After the three-year time skip, he becomes a factory worker, but when it closes down, he moves to New Pork City and is seen arguing with Isaac. His farm becomes a Pigmask training facility.


  • It may be possible that Butch's name derives from the japanese word "Buta" which means "Pig". This seems likely as he is a "pig-like" person, owns pigs, and sells them to Fassad.
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