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Burglin Park is a place in EarthBound. It is a park in Twoson. Burglin Park is home to Everdred, the self-proclaimed greatest burglar. It has a variety of shops and salespeople and sells items that can't be bought elsewhere, like condiments and the For Sale Sign.

Shops and Salespeople[]

Burglin Park Bakery[]

Burglin Park Condiments Shop[]

Burglin Park Tool Shop[]

Burglin Park Sign Shop[]

Burglin Park Egg Salesman[]

Burglin Park Ruler Salesman[]

Burglin Park Banana Lady[]


In MOTHER 2, Burglin Park is known as "Nusutto Park". "Nusutto" means "burglar" in Japanese. "Burglin" is based off of the word "burglar". Both refer to the criminal inhabitants of the park such as Everdred.