Bubble Monkey is a character in EarthBound. He is a monkey who is first seen in the Winters drugstore right after Jeff Andonuts is taken control of and leaves Snow Wood Boarding House. If Jeff gives him bubble gum, the monkey will join him.

Bubble Monkey helps Jeff fight in battle with standard attacks. On the overworld, he follows Jeff but occasionally appears to get distracted and lags behind, but he'll always catch up. If given more gum at certain points, he's able to help Jeff cross certain obstacles such as floating up a tall cliff to let down some rope for Jeff to climb, and also allows him to ride Tessie across Lake Tess.

He eventually leaves Jeff for a female monkey once he reaches Stonehenge right before making it to Dr. Andonuts' lab. He appears later in the game when Ness and his friends travel through Winters. He also has a sense of humor.


  • Bubble Monkey's equivalent in EarthBound's sequel, Mother 3, is said to be Salsa. Both Bubble Monkey and Salsa share similar roles in their corresponding games, in addition to having similar appearances. These similarities extend to both characters assisting a particular main protagonist in some way, and that both ultimately find a girlfriend sometime after being introduced.
  • The localization team changed Balloon Monkey's name to Bubble Monkey when translating MOTHER 2, but they made a few errors; several times during the main script, he is mistakenly referred to as Balloon Monkey. Thus, some people refer to him as such.
  • Bubble Monkey is also known as the Chewing Gum Monkey.
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