"...... The bad news is... ............ ...It's where I found the Drago Fang. It was...... in your... It was pierced through your wife's heart..."
— Bronson

Bronson is a character in Mother 3. He is a citizen of Tazmily Village. He appeared during the events of the first chapter, where he was responsible for telling Flint of Hinawa's death. This left Flint very upset and caused him to attack those near him. He is a blacksmith who also stands in as the town sheriff. He is forced to arrest Flint after he attacks some villagers in his rage upon finding out about the death of his spouse. He gives Flint the Drago Fang after he gets out of prison. From Chapter 4 onward, he instead leaves his role of being the town sheriff and becomes a worker in the Clayman Factory.  He can later be seen sunbathing on Cerulean Beach and will let Lucas and his party relax there to recover their HP and PP. He also appears during the end of chapter 8 (along with Lucas and co) to confront Porky.


  • Bronson's sprite resembles actor Charles Bronson, who may have been the inspiration for the character.
  • He can be considered one of the most helpful characters in the game; because he gives Flint the Drago Fang and allows Lucas and co to recover their HP and PP free of cost. He also appears at the end of chapter 8 to confront Porky.
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