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"When you venture into the caves, you'll have the distinct displeasure of meeting the Black Antoids. They're small, quick and they attack in teams."
EarthBound Player's Guide

The Black Antoid (アリアリブラック) is an enemy that appears in EarthBound. It is first encountered by Ness in the Giant Step, the first "Your Sanctuary" location. They later appear on the way to Twoson, as well as Grapefruit Falls.

Black Antoids appear as black-and-white ants with red-green antennas. Unlike real ants, they have four legs. They are quite small, as shown by their overworld sprite; this trait is shared with the Attack Slug and its relatives. They appear with various enemies, such as Attack Slugs, Rowdy Mice, Red Antoids, Armored Frogs, and Ramblin' Evil Mushrooms.

Their in-battle theme is, "Battle Against a Weird Opponent."


Black Antoids possess fairly low HP, and their standard bash attack deals low-to-moderate damage. They can call for help in between attacks, and will use Lifeup α every four turns, generally making their defeat a priority.

When defeated, Black Antoids may drop a cookie.

Groups with[]


  • Is attacking - The Black Antoid bashes a party member, generating low-to-moderate damage.
  • Calls for help - Another Black Antoid joins the battle.
  • Tries Lifeup α - The Black Antoid uses Lifeup α, maxing its HP.