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"This fire-breathing aquatic serpent gets steamed when you interrupt ti in the Tunnel of Past. Bottle Rockets and regular attacks will sink it."
EarthBound Player's Guide

The Bionic Kraken is an enemy in EarthBound that appears rarely in the second and third section of the Cave of the Past, right before entering the cave to fight Giygas. It is a stronger, upgraded version of the Kraken (but with less HP due to being a regular enemy), and possesses the same attacks.



  • Breathed fire - The Bionic Kraken tries PK Fire, dealing damage to all party members.
  • Used a Crashing Boom Bang attack - The Bionic Kraken tries PK Thunder, which can be deflected if the target is using the Franklin Badge.
  • Emitted a pale green light - The Bionic Kraken emits a green light, working as a Neutralizer.
  • Stirred up a tornado - The Bionic Kraken stirs up a tornado, causing major damage to the whole party.


  • Use the party's most powerful PSI reduces the difficulty, even though, at this point of the game, is possible to defeat it by simply attacking whith the whole party.


  • The EarthBound Player's Guide says that the Kraken can drop the Gutsy Bat, but only the Bionic Kraken can.
  • It's possible that Bionic Krakens existed at some point in the past, which would explain why it is possible find some in the Cave of the Past. The Krakens could have evolved over time to have more HP, but in turn became weaker.