Belch's Factory (ゲップーの秘密基地, lit. Belch's Secret Base) is an area in EarthBound. This area can be accessed through Grapefruit Falls. This is also the place where Master Belch is hiding his enslaved Mr. Saturns to create Fly Honey for his consumption. When Ness and co. try to for enter the first time, a guard asks them for the password. There is, in fact, no answer to this question. Ness must stand and wait for exactly three minutes (as indicated by a Mr. Saturn in Saturn Valley), after which he will be let in.

Foppies, Farm Zombies, Urban Zombies, and Slimy Little Piles protect the factory from attack.



  1. Foppy
  2. Farm Zombie
  3. Urban Zombie
  4. Slimy Little Pile
  5. Master Belch (boss)
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