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For the song, see Beauty and Tasty.
The exterior of Beauty & Tasty
The interior of Beauty & Tasty

Beauty & Tasty is a restaurant in New Pork City in Mother 3. It is staffed by at least seven robots designed to look like Porky's mother. yet only Bronson and an Old Man in the restroom are ever known to visit the restaurant. Two of them indirectly reference characters in EarthBound, namely Picky and Buzz Buzz.


A sign beside one of the robots lists other foods that they claim to sell, but none can actually be bought during the course of the game. The list uses Lucas's favorite food in all the meals.

  • Omelets Bowl
  • Omeletes Curry
  • Omeletes Fried Rice
  • Omeletes Egg Soup
  • Omeletes Soup
  • Meh Salad with Omeletes Topping
  • Omeletes Lunch
  • Omeletes Combo
  • Omeletes Set
  • Jumbo Omeletes
  • Omeletes Parfait
  • Omeletes Juice
  • Omeletes Special

Quotes by Robots[]

A Beauty & Tasty robot created in Larda Minch's image
  • "You people don't fit in with this shop."
  • "This shop's filled to the brim with pretty girls."
  • "I know I don't look like it, but I'm a robot! Honestly, now!"
  • "BROKEN BROKEN I'M SO BROOOKEN. *clank* *clank* *thud*"
  • "Ayaaaeee! I think it's a dung beetle!"
  • "There's nothing wrong with being picky!"
  • "Fill yourself up with your favorite food, and nothing else! That's this restaurant's... rule."