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"Beautiful UFOs take care to tie pretty bows on their chrome domes before flying out to attack unsuspecting travelers. Don't be distracted by their beauty!"
EarthBound Player's Guide

The Beautiful UFO is an enemy in EarthBound that appears in Scaraba and in Magicant. It looks like a female form of the High-class UFO, but is somewhat less common. Like the other members of the UFO family of enemies, it moves around the overworld very quickly, making it difficult to avoid an encounter. Though it is not much of a threat in battle, it may occasionally use some PSI techniques.


The Beautiful UFO can join a battle upon being called by a Loaded Dice in Magicant.

Groups with[]


  • Lifeup α - The Beautiful UFO tries Lifeup α, healing one of the enemies.
  • Fired a beam - The Beautiful UFO fires a beam, dealing damage to a party member. It deals very low damage to Ness and a reasonable amount of damage to a Flying Man.


  • Upon defeat, it has a chance of dropping a Kraken Soup, an expensive food item that fully restores the consumer's HP. It can also drop a Vial of Serum, Can of Fruit Juice, or Cold Remedy.