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For the item in EarthBound, see Teddy Bear.

"Somebody ate his porridge, and he isn't too happy about it!"
— In-battle Check

The Bear is an enemy in EarthBound Beginnings that appears near Merrysville, in Spookane and the Mislay Triangle. It has high Offense and mild Defense, but low Speed, and only uses standard attacks in battle.


Its battle theme is Battle With a Dangerous Foe.


  • Attack - The Bear attacks a party member, dealing moderate damage.
  • Scratched <party member> - The Bear scratches a party member, dealing low damage.
  • Just grins, and bears it - The Bear grins, wasting a turn.


  • The In-battle Check is a reference to popular fairy-tale The Story of the Three Bears.
  • Interestingly, this creature and its family are similar to the Ursa Minors from its kin series, Dragon Quest, with Dragon Quest III having introduced the monster just a year before.