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"All the forest critters are acting weird, and I'm suddenly getting real bad vibes here...Oh, no, I mean that in a good way! What I meant to say is, I'm getting GOOD bad vibes, if that makes sense.*thump* *thump*"
— Bateau

Bateau is a character in Mother 3. He is notable for his close resemblance to Picky Minch from EarthBound.

He runs a postal service which previously utilized Carrier Pigeons as delivery tools, but after three years he uses more advanced methods for delivery. In Chapter 8, he can be found in front of the arcade in New Pork City.

He lives in the north of Cerulean Beach.


  • His Japanese name uses the letters ハト (pidgeon).
  • "Bateau" means "boat" in French.
  • Bateau has a set of unused sprites showing him banging on presumingly a door.
  • Bateau was in EarthBound 64, this was confirmed in a report about the SpaceWorld 1999 demo by a person who goes by JINKO. As in the report an NPC is mentioned to say the following line: "You like Pigeons? No, not pigeon meat, I mean pigeons as birds." This, of course, fits perfectly with Bateau's fondness of pigeons.