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"Prefers to eat meat raw. It's recently taken a liking to dried meat, too. Also loves to eat vegetables."
Battle Memory
"From the sky descends an avid avian! It might be tough to dodge their quick swoop from above, but the fight is well worth the jerky they often drop. Drops Beef Jerky (70%)"
Mother 3 Guidebook

Balding Eagles appear in Chapter 1 of Mother 3. They are pink-headed vultures that fly around to catch its prey, especially attacking Flint in Oriander Canyon. Their battle theme is Troublesome Guys.

Balding Eagles can be found atop dead trees, and can swoop down to attack Flint and co. with ease. It often appears near a Titany, and is a fairly decent opponent with high offense. It can:

  • Scratch with its talons for medium damage.
  • Peck with its beak for light damage.
  • Have a big smile.

These Eagles can appear in groups of two or more. Fortunately, this enemy does not cause any status ailments. It gives 68 EXP when defeated, and drops a Beef Jerky 70% of the time. They will flee if Flint is stronger than level 30.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 57, sharing the same battle sound as Blue Balding Eagle, which falls under Code Numbers 930 for regular attack, 931 for Smaaaash! and 932 for Miss.


  • The EarthBound equivalent of the Balding Eagle are Spiteful Crows. However, their physical appearance, attacks and the items they drop, are very different.
  • The name is a pun of the real-life bird, the Bald Eagle. However, judging by their Japanese names, these enemies are in fact vultures, not bald eagles.
  • When defeated with a combo attack, the Balding Eagle bounces off the screen with its in-battle sprite flipped horizontally.