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"Sweet, piping-hot and yummier than a roasted chestnut, but still a monster. Would probably go well with butter."
Battle Memory

Baked Yammonsters are enemies in Mother 3. They are stronger versions of Yammonsters that can be encountered in the Sunshine Forest after the fire, which explains their 'baked' state. After Chapter 4, they are succeeded by the stronger Grated Yammonsters. It is interesting to note that their attack instrument sounds like that of the squad of Mecha-Porkies encountered near the end of the game.

Like all members of the Yammonster family, the Baked Yammonster is immobile; it hides underground until a character approaches, making itself appear aboveground.



  • Bash - The Baked Yammonster attacks, dealing low damage to one party member.
  • Make a scary face - The Baked Yammonster makes a scary face, lowering the offense of one party member.
  • Vent an intense burst of steam - The Baked Yammonster vents an intense burst of steam, wasting a turn.

Its encounter method makes it somewhat easy to sneak up on; the party should run past them, then turn around and run into them as they pop up. As the Yammonsters will be facing the direction the player came from while surfacing, this should give the player a surprise attack.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 24 which falls under Code Numbers 508 for regular attack, 509 for Smaaaash! and 510 for Miss.