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"Hey hey hey! I'm Mayor B.H. Pirkle. It's so nice to meet you. You beat up the town bullies, punched them out big time, kicked their butts, bit their heads off, spit in their eyes, and made them wet their pants. Then you forced them to promise not to make any more trouble. Thank you! What? You want a key to the touring entertainers' shack? For someone as great as you, giving you the key could help keep the town peaceful. However, if you encounter a dangerous situation, please don't ask me to take any responsibility. I'll be able to avoid any responsibility, right?"
— Mayor Pirkle

B.H. Pirkle, known in Japan as G・H・Picarl or Geher Picarl (ゲーハー・ピカール Gēhā Pikāru), is a character in EarthBound. He is the mayor of Onett, and can be found in the town's City Hall. When Ness goes to see him to get the key to the Traveling entertainer's shack, he asks Ness to get rid of the problem of the Sharks gang in Onett, as he is "too busy to do it himself." After Ness defeats Frank Fly, Pirkle gives Ness the key on the promise that he will be able to avoid responsibility if anything goes wrong. The man near his desk, if talked to, asks Ness to make a speech supporting Mayor Pirkle in the next election.

After the defeat of Giygas, Mayor Pirkle will state that he saw a picture resembling Ness in an international newspaper, but does not believe that it is actually Ness. Pirkle then asks if he is there to study city management techniques to one day be mayor himself, then laughs at his own remark. He was re-elected as Mayor of Onett because Onett became peaceful, and asks if Ness is there to celebrate his re-election success.


  • B.H. Pirkle's name in Japan is "G.H. Pirkle", which is a play on words on someone bald, similar to his American name.
  • One of the Twoson Tribune headlines implies that original reports state that Mayor Pirkle stopped the Sharks, but those have been proven false.
  • There is an unused line in Mother 3 where a character claims to be the producer for "Mr. Pirkle and Ms. Lardna Minch's Love Nest"[1].
  • The mayor's aide asking for Ness to give backing to Pirkle in the next election is likely a reference to real life celebrity endorsements of political candidates in the United States.