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"Your bank account holds your hard earned cash, and your ATM card allows you to withdraw or deposit money. Find an ATM at a Drugstore, Hotel or Department Store. Withdraw your money and buy those expensive, powerful items that you've been drooling over!"
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The regular EarthBound ATM, the Magicant ATM, and its cameo appearance in Mother 3

Automatic Teller Machines (abbreviated as "ATM") are devices in EarthBound Beginnings and EarthBound. With the ATM card in their goods inventory, ATMs allow Ninten and Ness to withdraw or deposit money.

EarthBound Beginnings[]

In EarthBound Beginnings, Ninten can withdraw money from most department stores or drugstores in each town with the ATM on the first floor, where it is usually in the top left hand corner.


In EarthBound, Automatic Teller Machines can be found in drugstores (as well as in most other shops) and hotels. Ness can withdraw money from any ordinary ATM without any withdrawal fees.

Deep Darkness and the Lost Underworld are the only areas without an ATM; a man offers to handle the transaction instead, and a Tenda in the Lost Underworld, but they charge a fee for withdrawal, which is always the same amount as the money being withdrawn.

A unique type of ATM appears in Magicant that appears to have a pair of eyes. Another unique type of ATM appears in Saturn Valley, which is shaped like Mr. Saturn.

Mother 3[]

Automatic Teller Machines were replaced by Save Frogs (from Chapter 4 onwards) in Mother 3. ATMs still make a couple of cameo appearances; one is visible among the piles of garbage in the junkyard near the Highway, while another ATM is on display in the Empire Porky Building's Hall of Memories.