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"Slow-moving slugs usually attack in packs. They don't pack much of a punch, but they can be dangerous just because of their numbers. Use a PSI attack"
EarthBound Player's Guide

The Attack Slug (むこうみずなナメクジ) is a enemy in EarthBound located in the Giant Step cave. It's a beige-colored slug whose only threat comes from the fact that it often attacks in groups as large as six, and possesses PSI Hypnosis α. Attack Slugs have a 1/128 chance of dropping Bombs.


Attack slugs can give off easy experience early on in the Giant Step cave. A similar enemy called the Pit Bull Slug appears later in Deep Darkness. It's in-battle theme is Battle Against a Weird Opponent.

Groups with[]


  • Is attacking - The Attack Slug bashes a party member, dealing low damage.
  • Tried Hypnosis α - The Attack Slug uses PSI Hypnosis α, but usually fails, as its initial condition is "Cannot Concentrate".
  • Edged closer - The Attack Slug gets closer, wasting a turn.