"It's a walking fuel supply."
EarthBound Beginnings Description
"A robot that replenishes other robots' energy by utilizing the power of the atom."
Battle Memory (Mother 3)

The Atomic Power Robot (Energy Robo in EarthBound Beginnings) is a robotic enemy that appears in EarthBound Beginnings, EarthBound and Mother 3. It appears in various locations in the first game, the Stonehenge Base in the second, and the Highway in the third. They are almost always encountered with a robotic ally, e.g. a Death Barbot in EarthBound Beginnings or the Scrapped Robots and Wobbly Robots seen on the Highway.

According to the EarthBound Player's Guide, this enemy was an early version of the Starman.


Atomic Power Robots will occasionally fire a beam, doing a fair amount of damage. They can also "refuel" their allies and repair damage (often to full health in earlier games), making battles last much longer. They have relatively low HP themselves, and usually goes down very easily; however, they explode when they are defeated, causing serious damage. This typically forces the player to deal with them last, contrary to the more 'typical' RPG strategy of taking out the healer first. Poo can turn into this via Mirror.

In Mother 3, if the player turns the robot around by either encountering it from behind or using items (like Duster's Siren Beetle or a Made-You-Look), and then follows up with a physical attack, the robot's explosive device will be safely destroyed. Its battle sound is Battle Sound 59, a battle sound used only by mushrooms and exploding robots, which falls under Code Numbers 936 for regular attack, 937 for Smaaaash! and 938 for Miss. Like the Nuclear Reactor Robot, Kumatora's Brainshock is required to get it to use its battle sound as it never uses a battle sound inducing regular attack on its own.

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