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"Art is dead! Or so it declares, but there doesn't seem to be any evidence of this."
Battle Memory

The Artsy Ghost is an enemy in Mother 3. It disguises itself as a painting, and can usually be found in the chimney areas of Osohe Castle.

They can only be encountered by in Chapter 2; in Chapter 3, these paintings were destroyed by the Pigmask Army.



Text Diplayed Power PP Effects
Attack Low N/A Damages a party member
PK Freeze β Medium Damages a party member with a chance of solidification
Speak Passionately About Art N/A N/A Wastes a turn

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 30 which falls under Code Numbers 526 for regular attack, 527 for Smaaaash! and 528 for Miss.



Attack Damage Effect Chance
Fire 130 Flammable 100
Freeze 80 Freezable 100
Thunder 100 Nubness 0
PK Love Effective - -
Hypnosis - Sleepyness 80
Brainshock - Strangeness 60
Flash - Crying 10000


Attack Chance/Damage
Bomb 100
Wall Staple 10000
Apologize 20%
Laugh 70%
DCMC Immune