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This article is about the Mother 3 enemy. For the similarly-named Arachnid enemies, see Arachnid! or Arachnid!!!.
"It has an incredible three, no, four exclamation marks in its name. That's just the kind of spider it is."
— Battle Memory

The Arachnid!!!! is an insect enemy that appears in Mother 3, located in the attic of Club Titiboo.


Arachnid!!!! is a stronger, poisonous blue-and-purple counterpart of the Arachnid! encountered in Osohe Castle. It is quite fast and aggressive in the overworld, and often appears near Elder Batties and Greedier Mice.



Text Diplayed Power PP Effects
Biting Attack Low N/A Damages on party member
Bite with Its Venonous Fangs Low N/A Damages one party member with chance of poisoning
Shoot Webbing From Its Rear N/A N/A May Solidify a party member

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 27 which falls under Code Numbers 517 for regular attack, 518 for Smaaaash! and 519 for Miss.



Attack Damage Effect Chance
Fire 110 Flammable 100
Freeze 130 Freezable 100
Thunder 100 Nubness 40
PK Love Effective - -
Hypnosis - Sleepyness 80
Brainshock - Strangeness 40
Flash - Crying 60


Attack Chance/Damage
Bomb 100
Wall Staple 75
Apologize 20%
Laugh 70%
DCMC Immune