America (アメリカ) is the setting of EarthBound Beginnings. Like Eagleland, it is based on the real-life United States. America consists of Podunk, Merrysville, Union Station, Reindeer, Spookane, Snowman, Youngtown, Ellay, and other landmarks.

In the world map included in the instruction booklet for Mother 1 + 2, the region the game takes place in is instead called The World of Mother (ザ ワールド オブ マザー), although the in-game text referring to America wasn't altered. This is presumably to match The World of Mother 2. Additionally, according to Encyclopedia MOTHER, the body of water to the north is a fictional version of the Pacific Ocean.

In the original Famicom release of Mother, every significant town was named after a holiday. In later releases, these were changed (with the exception of Reindeer and Snowman) in an attempt to appeal more to English audiences. Phil Sandhop, the game's Localization Producer and English Script Writer, stated that "[Shigesato] Itoi originally wrote them to sound friendly. I don't believe that towns named after holidays was friendly. Matter of fact I thought it sounded stupid and thought older players would really be turned off. I wanted it to be enjoyable for all ages."