"The only non-mechanical part is a portion of its face. It only eats raw meat soaked in machine oil."
Battle Memory

The Almost Mecha-Lion is a boss in Mother 3. While Lucas, Boney, and maybe Duster are assigned to finding Salsa and Samba which are running amok about the Chimera Laboratory, they are ambushed by the Almost Mecha-Lion, a chimera that is mostly mechanical but has part of its face still intact. The fight against it does not need to be won to continue. After the battle, the Almost Mecha-Lion gets back up to challenge Lucas and friends again, but is knocked away by a Clayman.

The Almost Mecha-Lion is still under development when it is battled, as completed Mecha-Lions can be seen in the Laboratory Level of the Empire Porky Building in Chapter 8. Strangely enough, the Almost Mecha-Lion is a boss stronger than the Mecha-Lions, which are normal enemies. Like many other bosses, the Almost Mecha-Lion has an unused back sprite.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 31 which falls under Code Numbers 852 for regular attack, 853 for Smaaaash! and 854 for Miss. It shares this battle sound with all other lion enemies in the game.

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