Aeolia is a Magypsy in Mother 3. He lives up the river north of Tazmily at the base of Mt. Oriander, above the retirement home, in his shell-shaped house. He first makes his appearance hosting a Magypsy party when Flint and Alec come to his house trying to find Claus. Unfortunately, he allegedly encouraged Claus to go after the Mecha Drago and also taught him "a powerful PSI technique", PK Love. Aeolia is the apparent leader of the Magypsies, yet ironically, the first one to disappear. His needle was the first to be seen in the game, by Duster when you reach the garbage room in Osohe Castle, and first to be pulled after the Masked Man storms Osohe Castle. Right before he disappears, he uses PSI to lift the tea table in the center of his house to reveal a secret passage that leads Lucas, Boney, and Ionia to the courtyard of Osohe Castle, where the first needle was pulled.

He wears what appears to be a red bathrobe with white fringe and sports a large pink afro. He has purple stubble covering his chin and upper lip. He never leaves his armchair, and every time you speak to him, he pauses to change his position on it.

Unlike the other Magypsies, he doesn't ask you to remember him by taking his memento. In fact, he never actually gives it to you, but instead you can take it from his seat along with his razor and lipstick.


  • Strangely, one of the unused boss's forms is named "Aeolia's Table".