4th-D Slip (じげんスリップ Jigen Surippu, Dimension Slip) is a PSI ability in EarthBound Beginnings. It works on all characters, enabling them to warp out of any standard battle, excluding those against bosses. 4th-D Slip is realized in EarthBound Beginnings by Ninten. It is recognized as a quite useful ability due to essentially being a 100% chance of an escape at the cost of 16 PP.   

EarthBound Beginnings

Level User PP Cost Target Effect Comments
14 Ninten 16 To party Warps out of battle Allows user to escape any battle(except boss battles) without fail.


  • 4th-D Slip is likely related to time in some fashion—time is generally regarded as a hypothetical fourth physical dimension (along with length, width, and height/depth), and it would certainly be plausible for Ninten to slow/halt the passage of time (or "slip" out of the fourth dimension) for an easy escape. The 4th-D Slip could also relate to a fourth spatial dimension, meaning Ninten would shift backwards and forwards through the Fourth Dimension to avoid attacks. Such methods would justify the 100% chance of escape.  
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