4th-D Slip (じげんスリップ Jigen Surippu, Dimension Slip) is a PSI ability in EarthBound Beginnings. It works on all characters, enabling them to warp out of any standard battle, excluding those against bosses. 4th-D Slip is realized in EarthBound Beginnings by Ninten. It is recognized as a quite useful ability due to essentially being a 100% chance of an escape at the cost of 16 PP.   

EarthBound Beginnings

Level User PP Cost Target Effect Comments
N/A Ninten 16 To party Warps out of battle Allows user to escape any battle(except boss battles) without fail.


  • 4th-D Slip is likely related to time in some fashion—time is generally regarded as a hypothetical fourth physical dimension (along with length, width, and height/depth), and it would certainly be plausible for Ninten to slow/halt the passage of time (or "slip" out of the fourth dimension) for an easy escape. The 4th-D Slip could also relate to a fourth spatial dimension, meaning Ninten would shift backwards and forwards through the Fourth Dimension to avoid attacks. Such methods would justify the 100% chance of escape.