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"Your Sanctuary" (おまえのばしょ, Your Place) are a series of eight zones in EarthBound, with the end of them being fantastical areas of various formations and inexplicable phenomena that tend to inspire people. These zones are what link the game's protagonist, Ness, between himself and his childhood memories. When Ness enters any "Your Sanctuary" zone, he feels a deeper connection to his younger self, allowing him to record a melody he hears in his memories to the Sound stone given to him at the beginning of his adventure by the alien extra-terrestrial Buzz Buzz. To truly understand himself and enter his mind, Ness must record all eight of these melodies to the Sound stone to gain access to "Your World," Magicant.

Each zone is guarded by a Sanctuary Guardian, a powerful enemy who has assumed "ownership" of the location, each one daring Ness and friends to take the zone from them. The "Your Sanctuary" locations also heal Ness and friends. Additionally, once the Sanctuary is claimed, enemies in the Sanctuary flee from Ness and his party.

Once all the "Your Sanctuary" melodies are gathered, The Sound Stone plays one final time, and once the Eight Melodies stop playing, Ness gets teleported to "Your World," Magicant.


Area Location Guardian Memory
Giant Step Onett Titanic Ant At the Giant Step, Ness catches a glimpse of a small, cute puppy.
Lilliput Steps Happy Happy Village Mondo Mole At the Lilliput Steps, Ness briefly has a vision of a baby in a red cap.
Milky Well Saturn Valley Trillionage Sprout At the Milky Well, Ness thinks he hears his mother from far away... She says, "Be a thoughtful, Strong boy..."
Rainy Circle Winters Shrooom! At the Rainy Circle, Ness catches a whiff of Steak, but just for a second.
Magnet Hill Fourside Plague Rat of Doom At Magnet Hill, Ness sees a baby's bottle, but just for an instant.
Pink Cloud Dalaam Thunder and Storm At the Pink Cloud, Ness has a short vision of seeing his mother when she was young.
Lumine Hall Tenda Village Electro Specter In Lumine Hall, Ness sees a vision of his father holding him.
Fire Spring Lost Underworld Carbon Dog/Diamond Dog

At the Fire Spring, Ness has the feeling that he was being watched by himself as a baby.